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6 Tips to Tweet with Impact

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Thursday, May 21st, 2015

Twitter is used by millions, worldwide, as a place where they can promote, communicate and basically say what they want to say… Twitter evolves around ‘tweets’ and ‘engagement’. Both take time, consistency and patience to master.

When you signed yourself or your business up for Twitter, you were probably expecting a straight running process, whereby all that was required was as simple clicking of the ‘tweet’ button. I’m sure it didn’t take you long to forget that idea; I know it didn’t take me long…

So, you’re probably wondering how you can make your tweets powerful, interactive and engaging. Here’s your answer.

  1. Where POSSIBLE, Keep your Tweets Short & Simple.

When posting tweets, you will be restricted to a maximum of 140 characters. In some circumstances this can be a huge pain; especially when you’re trying to include links & images. If you somehow manage to keep your tweets short, well done… It will allow people to ‘quote’ your tweet. A quoted tweet is as simple as a ‘retweet’ but it also allows you to add your own comments to the tweet.

Then there’s the obvious reason… The majority of people would prefer to read a short Tweet compared a large compact Tweet full of text.


  1. Use Hashtags Correctly.

Hashtags will allow you to reach and target specific audiences on Twitter. By adding a simple ‘#’ before a targeted keyword, you are effectively opening up your tweet to a much wider viewing. Here’s an example: If you are in the competitive world of Internet Marketing, you may include #SEO, #PPC or #Marketing within your tweets.


Avoid spamming hashtags – only include hashtags in your tweet if it contains key or targeted words.

Twitter Trends

Twitter also has a ‘Trending’ feature – what’s trending? Trending allows you to get involved and communicate with others regarding a current hot topic. Have a look at what’s currently trending for you. You can tailor your trends to suit your wishes. You can even target trends in specific countries and counties!

Get involved with worldwide trends and tweets by posting relevant content. You’ll notice your engagement rate will rapidly increase!

  1. Include Links.

It is said that tweets with links included are retweeted around 85% more often than those without! Surely that fact speaks for itself! If you can, why not include a link? Try using a tool that allows you to shorten your URL – works great!

Be smart with what you write.

Don’t: This link tells you how to tweet with impact – link.

Do: With These Simple #Tips YOU Will Be Able To MASTER The Art Of #Tweeting! – link.

  1. Kindly ask your Followers to Re-tweet your Content.

There’s no shame in asking for retweets, although it is best to keep it on the QT. Consider ‘Private Messaging’ your fellow followers and asking them to give a helping hand. If they do, return the favour – it’s a two way system & if you don’t ask, you don’t get!


  1. Use a Variety of Content.

Instead of just posting plain tweets with a few images here and there, use a variety of different content. You can include videos, links, infographics and news headlines, to name a few. Remember the famous saying “Quality over Quantity”.


Twitter has no shortage of videos uploaded to it, so why is there a shortage of videos on your profile? You can upload videos from YouTube or the device on which you use Twitter. Avoid using lengthy videos – vines are a great favourite!


You can link to literally ANYTHING! Promote your website, chuck in a link. Spread the word, link to a news report. Your limits are limitless when it comes to links!


Not everyone is interested in reading bulk text and that’s where infographics come in. Offering something for everyone, high quality infographics are intended to teach and inform in an understanding and visual way. Although they can take a long time to create, the results are more than worth it!

  1. Think VIRAL!

Although you may only have a small Twitter following, what you’re about to tweet COULD go viral. Admittedly, it is an extremely small chance but think to yourself “Is this something that is good enough to go viral”? Of course, this won’t apply to everything you post but if you’re posting a tweet in an attempt to gather engagement, THINK VIRAL!


So, in conclusion to these points, you now know how to attract attention to what you’re posting. It’s not all about how much you post and how many followers you have; it’s about the quality of the content and the audience! Always remember that!

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